Chris Pratt wrote:

On Nov 20, 2008, at 4:31 PM, Vinny wrote:


A friend of mine is trying out FreeBSD and ran into
a booting problem.  Here is his message:

"Well, that's discouraging.

I have put together an old PII 400 with three 20GB drives and a CDROM that I'd like to run BSD on. Half a GB of RAM I figured would be respectable.

Downloaded the ISO files, burned CDs of them and when I try to run them it starts to boot and then freezes tighter than a muskrat's arse.

Three lines coming on the screen and it ends with "Starting the_" and just hangs.

He might want to try downloading the floppy set and booting
from there. I think that is what I did on an old Dell 200 I'm
using as a bridging firewall at home. This is a pathetically old
machine and won't boot the ISO (I found it when cleaning out
my rental, left to throw away by the renter), but it works great
once you finally get the system on it. It's on 6.2 but I imagine
7.0 will be fine.

Thanks everyone for your help,

Here is a message from my friend:

"Well, it's been a long day but I've had some success on the BSD front.

I went to a couple of used/recycling/salvage places today looking for a PIII or low-end P4 motherboard and processor. I didn't see anything that was very interesting so toodled on home and had a cup of tea.

I decided since the system was essentially running fine (without an OS) that I'd give the floppy disk install a bit of a run. So I downloaded all the floppy disk image files and fdimage.exe (the utility to convert them) and created all the necessary floppy disks.

I did a simple install, paritioned the drives and created a user and administrator account along with some basic network settings.

It seemed to connect to the internet just fine during boot up and when I ran ping against I was receiving back valid addressing information so it appears that that is all working fine.

So I ran /usr/sbin/sysinstall from the root directory to try to customize the installation a bit better. I adjusted the "media type" to an ftp server as opposed to CDROM and POOF... Bob Shurunkel...

BSD is now downloading an X-Windows interface from the internet as we (or I in this case) speak.

I suspect there's going to be a bit of a learning curve here but I'm looking forward to it. It could have been much simpler if I would have been able to install from CD to being with but there definitely is a workaround which, in itself, pleases me.

Will keep you posted."

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