I'm setting up a new FreeBSD Server for out local Computer club. Most of
the users are stored in LDAP and I've installed nss_ldap and pam_ldap
and set up both. Everything works so far with nsswitch.conf
entry passwd: ldap files.

When I try passwd: files ldap the login doesn't work anymore because the
LDAP_Server is never asked.

I tried this to optimize the LDAP requests as the service users are in
the local files. This would speed up the boot process and takes some
load off the LDAP-Server.

Is there a way to configure FreeBSD to look first in the local files and
 if a user isn't found in the LDAP-Server.

And another question. Is there a way to use two different LDAP-Servers
e.g. by calling nss_ldap with different config files.


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