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> hey again ...
> ive asked, if somebody could help me with making the bootmanager,
> the kernel.-booting and shutdown-process green/black colored
>  (like netbsd) ive get no answer yet, i hope, you can still help me ...

It isn't the answer to your question, but: 1. Try do use a
subject that is in relationship to your question. 2. Try
to wrap your lines at approx. column 70, this makes correct
quoting easier. I was free to correct them both. :-)    

Now regarding your question: It is possible to change the
color attributes for the kernel messages which FreeBSD
usually displays white on black, and OpenBSD grey on
blue. As far as I remember - I tried it once -, there are
makeoptions in the kernel configuration file to be set.
See the handbook section about how to build a custom
kernel for the correct procedures.

The correct settings are mentioned in /usr/src/sys/conf/NOTES,
lines 1339 cont. (1343 cont):

        # The following options will let you change the default colors of 
        options         SC_NORM_ATTR=(FG_GREEN|BG_BLACK)
        options         SC_NORM_REV_ATTR=(FG_YELLOW|BG_GREEN)
        options         SC_KERNEL_CONS_ATTR=(FG_RED|BG_BLACK)
        options         SC_KERNEL_CONS_REV_ATTR=(FG_BLACK|BG_RED)

But I'm not sure you can change the settings for the boot
manager itself in an easy way. Maybe a modification of the boot
loader's source code makes it possible...

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