On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 10:22:11AM -0500, Laszlo Vagner wrote:
> While hosting mail for several domains, a local user
> with an account name of say "biz" has a domain of say "domain.com"
> would receive mail from other domains hosted at the same site
> such as "[EMAIL PROTECTED]".
> What I am looking for is a general setup criteria that would eliminate this
> behavior so that [EMAIL PROTECTED] would be rejected even though
> otherdomain.com is hosted on the same server but has no username of biz.
> One thing I thought of would be to use strange local usernames and
> then create virtual users that point to them.
> can anyone give me a suggestion on standard practice with this? 

It depends on what smtp software you're using.  What you describe sounds
like the only way to do it with sendmail; I use postfix which supports
it natively without jumping through hoops.  (I also find postfix a lot
easier to configure.)

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