In the last episode (Feb 20), Dragoncrest said:
> Hmm.  I'm trying to avoid using Procmail at all costs since we're
> currently on a Sendmail/Qpopper configuration that I can work with. 
> But it may turn out that the only way around this IS to go with that. 
> Thing is, I'd like to stick with what we have and make it work with
> that rather than totally ripping our our MTA and throwing in a whole
> brand new one we know nothing about.

Procmail is not an mta; it's an email filter.  It's usually launched
from the .forward file, but you can configure sendmail to use procmail
as the default local mail delivery agent, or you can run it standalone
(procmail < message.txt) if you don't want it to be part of the mail
delivery process at all.

        Dan Nelson

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