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> > It is one of the
> > fastest, most effective ways to spread viruses, trojans, spyware, etc.
> > 
> > The program does not use fixed ports, so the services are hard to
> > block.  In essence, the program gets the user to bypass security
> > measures from the inside.  
> There's nothing remarkable about that, no p2p filesharing application
> uses fixed ports. Some have default ports, but they are widely ignored
> because historically ISPs used those ports for throttling. 

+1 . skype does the same thing. and it's "p2p" too , although a lot less so 
than limewire.

> > When people ask my advice about computers, I always include:  "Never
> > use Limewire, or anything like it."  
> They are as dangerous as you want to make them, I've been using
> bittorrent and eD2k for years and have never seem a single virus,
> trojan etc. I've seen a few on USENET but they've always been laughably
> obvious. People that end-up with that kind of thing are normally
> actively seeking executables.

+1 - just the usual job of keeping an ear out for security holes ( including 
those in your users' behaviour  :P )
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