Da Rock wrote:

> I know the system is failing because I'm getting usb enumeration errors
> (something that has come up twice before on dying systems, and has
> disappeared as soon as I bought a new one), plus acpi errors in the form
> of being unable to attach device data.
> I understand this software unable to cope with interrupts at the cpu,
> and can mean hardware failure or bad software. But given my hardware
> issues I'm fairly certain its the former. My biggest question is where?
> How does it come up with something like that?
> Can anyone shed some light on the details of this? I'll be greatful for
> whatever I can get- information is power after all.

This is too little information for general troubleshooting, except if
someone has encountered this exact problem before.

From your description, especially since you're suggesting a hardware
failure, it could be anything from BIOS or BIOS "CMOS" error (or
battery) to real hardware problems in the conductors to the buses.

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