Hi all,

I recently installed FreeBSD 7.1 BETA2 on my system. During
installation using FTP option, I could notice the following:

After some random time (two, five or six minutes, for instance) the
installation stalled and sysinstall lost the connection. I was taken
back to the "Select FTP site" screen, and I had to configure my NIC
again. Then, the install resumed and I got a usable system (MINIMAL +
docs + manpages)

But the problem persists. From time to time, it seems the kernel can't
see the NIC. It happens during normal operation and no message is
shown in /var/log/messages. ifconfig doesn't show my 're0' device, so
I can't run dhclient on it and I have to reboot. I have to say that
sometimes, even when I reboot, the NIC (RTL8168/8111 PCI Express) is
not present.

This device works fine in the same computer with either Vista or
Fedora 9, though I have to say I had similar problems with earlier
versions of Fedora (device disappearing or not present after boot),
but after a kernel upgrade everything run smoothly.

Does FreeBSD use the same driver than Linux does? Anybody else with
this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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