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>>Onderwerp: 5 TB server
>>Hello community,
>> I have to come up with a solution for a company that has as we speak
>>4 TB of data spread among 3 computers with lots of HDDs. Of course
>>i've recommend
>>them to buy a server for that storage capacity and for data organization.
>> I thought of going on the ZFS way (on FreeBSD of course) with some
>>raidz. One of the problems
>>is that the server will stay in their office so it has to be quite silent.
>> I honestly don't know what hardware to look for so if you have any 
>> >suggestions
>>i'm more than open to hear them.
>>a great day,
> Well if you mean a lot of disk then you mean a lot of heat, and with that 
> comes good cooling and with that comes fans and most of them when running at 
> full speed will give you some noise.

I've already told them about this and of course as you said is just
the way it is.
Another solution would be to keep the server in some data center,
preferably in the
ISP data center, if they have one. What do you think about regarding
that they work in
Design with 200, 300+ Mb files?

> I have some HP Proliants running but those are no fun under your desk even if 
> the fans are running at a lower level.

I have an Intel server in one of the offices i work for and believe
i've never seen a server which make more noise than this one.
 And in another office i have a Dell one which is quite silent but it
has only 2 or 3 HDD and there are 7 people
working on samba so not so much load on the server. What do you think
/ know about Dell?

> So it is better to put the server in a separate room with proper cooling or 
> else you are surely going to get hit with faulty hardware because of the heat.

Thought of that and looked around in their office but they don't have
a separate room
so that's why i would like to find the most silent server out there.

thanks for your thoughts and comments,

> In short a server needs cooling and most cooling gives noise, that is just 
> the way it is.
> Regards,
> Johan Hendriks
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