I'm getting ready to move forward on enabling gmirror on my churches website
server (FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE p4).  I used defaults during the install (most
importantly for this, the file system defaults).  I've read in the manual
pages that the data for the mirror is contained in the last sector of the
drive/partitions.  So, I want to mirror the entire drive (ad4) to the second
drive (ad5).  This server doesn't yet have much data at all.  I'm wondering
if I turn on this mirror, will anything important be overwritten in the last
is your partition size multiply of fragment size without remainder?

if not (quite a big chance) at least one sector at the end is unused and never be.
so go on, but then fix disklabel, as c partition is 1 sector smaller.

of course - boot from livecd to do this.
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