In the last episode (Feb 21), P. U. Kruppa said:
> browsing my /var/log directory I found many files like these
>               -----------------------------
> (...)
> log.─__ε┼═3
> log._τ___─
> log.a0035934
> log.aditi
> log.alevrius_
> log.alevrius_.old
> log.amanda
> Do I have any serious security problem, or are these some
> script kiddies ?

You porbably have a line line this in your smb.conf:

log file = /var/log/log.%m

which means that anyone connecting to your machine from a Windows
machine through Network Neighborhood, even just browsing (i.e. not
accessing any shares), gets a logfile created with the machinename as
part of the name.

        Dan Nelson

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