Polytropon wrote:

It sounds like "byte order reversal" which makes the typical noise.
In order to 1:1 copy a CD, I'd recommend the use of the cdrdao
tool - "cdrdao read-cd" and "cdrdao write" are the commands.
It's easy to use them in order to get a CD "at once" and then
reproduce it to blank media.

If you need to use cdrecord, you can "preprocess" the .cdr
files with "sox -x". You can always use the "play" command
(from sox) to check what your files sound like.

This is a sample command to turn .cdr files into .wav files,
just to illustrate the correct parameters for interpreting
the .cdr (CD audio data) format:

        sox -r 14400 -c 2 -b -L -S ${OUTFILE}.cdr ${OUTFILE}.wav

Thank you Polytropon,
Byte order was really a problem.
Strange that burncd is supposed to take the original byteorder and
cdrecord takes reversed one.

I didn't try burncd since FreeBSD 4. Since then, I#m very
comfortable with cdrecord and cdrdao and the atapicam facility.

burncd is still recommended by handbook for ATAPI CDROMs
for some reason.
I feel like cdrecord is much nicer and once suggested to retire
burncd in handbook and to always recommend cdrecord instead.
But some people disagreed.

Thanks for your helpful response,

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