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> Generally I use the command 'mount -t msdos /dev/rda0s1 /mnt' to mount 
> this to my filesystem. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails. When it 
> does work I can only mount it as root. In order to be able to mount this 
> as a regular user, do I have to put some flags into a line in 
> /etc/fstab? What would be the best way to make this drive user mountable?

This is a FAQ. See <URL:

> The other question is, is there a better way to mount up the device or 
> control it via a usb tool or is the way I am doing it correct?

You don't need usbd to do this. You could use usbd to mount the device
when it is attached, if you really wanted to. However, you can't use
usbd to umount it, because you have to do that *before* you detach it,
so that seems pretty pointless. If you want to automount on attach
anyway, see the usbd.conf man page.

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