On Friday 21 February 2003 02:30 pm, Bill Moran wrote:
> daniel warfe wrote:
> > The charity currently contains 2 sites which are the main charity site 
> > and a shop front site. The shop front tries to make enough income to 
> > support the charity and cover daily operating costs.
> > 
> > Currently I am looking at a 256k ADSL connection which will be installed 
> > at the main charity site and a 56K modem will be installed so the shop 
> > front will be dialing in to the main site to provide internet access.
> > 
> > What i need to know is how easy would it be to set up FreeBSD as a 
> > server to proved both the connection to the internet, internet to lan 
> > users as well as being a dial in server so the shop site can connect in 
> > to use the internet and possible backup files to the server.
> Easy is a relative term.  I think it would be very easy ... then again,
> I've done it before.
> > I am spent some time using unix/solaris but most of it has been follow 
> > the bouncing ball or locating answers of websites.
> I think that between the FreeBSD hanbook, and articles at various websites
> (especially FreeBSD Diary) you should be able to accomplish what you want
> with few hiccups.  Don't promise any deployment dates if this is the first
> time you've done this, though.  Take some time to test and make sure it
> works as you want.

        I agree.  Everything you want to do can be done with FreeBSD, it is then just 
a question of learning how to do it.  Read the right documentation, and after 
that ask some questions here and you should be fine.


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