Tim Judd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I'm sure it's faulty
> Which is why I'm asking for help
> My regexes (in it's various forms) produce the output similar to:
>   xorg-fonts-75dpi
>   xorg-fonts
>   xorg-fonts-100dpi
>   ...
>   ...
>   ...
> and I'm wanting my regex to return the 2nd value, in this example, in
> this list.

In your initial message, you wished to extract the first value; now it
is the second?

> The problem is the shell is taking the end anchor $ as the start of a
> variable, and no matter how I escape it, it seems to never work.
> I'm sorry for not explaining properly.  Maybe the above would help.

It does not.  Explain exactly what you are trying to do and you will
receive more exact troubleshooting advice.  And please stop

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