On Sunday 30 November 2008 17:53:21 Eugene Pimenov wrote:
> 30.11.2008, в 19:36, Mel написал(а):
> > On Sunday 30 November 2008 06:46:59 Eugene Pimenov wrote:
> >
> > Not sure, but can you copy files via cat? As in:
> > cat /tmp/foo | ssh machine "cat - >/tmp/foo"
> >
> > If that isn't truncated, I can only think of clipboard limitations
> > or tty
> > issues.
> No, it's not truncated. All of 6060 bytes are copied.
> What kind of tty issues/clipboard limitations might it be?

*If* it's a tty issue, should be reproducable with telnet. If it's not, then I 
suggest logging in with ssh -v and see if anything weird comes up.
The oddball out of the box answer would be that some character gets translated 
as EOF from linux to bsd by the term settings, but it's a stretch.


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