At 5:09 AM +0200 2003/02/23, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
On 2003-02-22 21:24, Chris Pepper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 Commands I ran to update (in December successfully, and twice
 unsuccessfully this month):

 # more Makefile UPDATING
 # mergemaster -p ; make buildworld > ~/buildworld-20030221.log ; make
 buildkernel > ~/buildkernel-20030221.log # mergemaster found no
 # mergemaster -p # no changes found
 # make installkernel

The proc size mismatch you're seeing is because your kernel and userland is not in sync.

Reboot. Enter single user mode. Run 'installworld'.

If you suspect 'installworld' can fail in the middle of it all, and
leave you with a useless installation, half-updated and half-not, then
make sure you have about 300 MB of free space in /somewhere and run:

        # cd /usr/src
        # make DESTDIR=/somewhere installworld

if this works fine, then youcan safely delete everything in /somewhere
and run the real 'installworld' without DESTDIR.

So (aside from verifying sufficient free space), the only test to do after installkernel and before installworld is to make sure that the system can boot single-user?


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