On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 09:52:48PM -0500, Terry J Dunlap Jr wrote:
> Hi all!
> Tonight I synced my source with Release 4.7 and recompiled. Prior to
> recompiling, I modified the make.conf file to NOT compile a number of items,
> like games, sendmail, etc. I'd like to try to build a lean system from
> source.
> After the entire source compilation process, I still found those items on my
> system. A review of the man page for make.conf leads me to believe that
> those items did not compile, yet the old versions still remain on the
> system. Am I correct?

Yes, you are correct.  The buildworld/installworld does not remove old
files that are not overwritten by new files.

> If this is true, how does one go about compiling a lean system with the
> essentials only? Can the make.conf file be modified in such a way to remove
> items from the system, like sendmail, games, etc.? I read the man page for
> make.conf then searched it for the word "remove", but nothing is there.

There is no option for that.  You will have to delete the undesired
files by hand.  (Using 'ls -t' can be useful to find files that are
older than the latest installworld.  Just be careful: Some files
(especially the include files) are normally not touched unless they
have been changed.

The purpose of the various NO_XXXXX options in make.conf is not
primarily to allow for a minimal system but rather to either 
a) Not spend a lot of time compiling unused components  (on modern
   systems this is not much of a problem, but on old machines it can
   make quiet a difference in compile time.)
b) Not overwrite programs where the user might have (by hand or port)
   installed a newer version than that available in the base system.

And before you ask:  Yes, an option to remove files that are excluded
from compilation by NO_XXXXX options would be useful but so far no such
mechanism exists.  Patches would probably be welcomed.

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Erik Trulsson

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