Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>>> What about DragonFlyBSD's new HAMMER FS?  I hear it has similar
>>> capabilities
>>> as ZFS without the overhead.  Though, strangely, I haven't really heard
>>> anyone discuss it even though it was released some months ago.
> it's maybe pre-pre-prerelease.
> it's not finished yet.

I don't think HAMMER intends to implement a significant portion of ZFS's
features. In particular, IIRC Matt specifically said he won't do
anything about volume management (the data storage / RAID layer of ZFS)
which among many other things means no ad-hoc file system creation.
Also, HAMMER needs to be "vacuumed" periodically by design (the reason
for this seems to me similar to that of pgsql) which isn't a
particularly nice design.

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