I had assumed something like that, but my drive is san cable. It uses a solid connection via a hard plastic port, similar to an sata port, but no cables. That lead me to believe that the port itself could be ill-aligned or something. I can press on the case above the optical drive and it will eject. So that must be what it is.

Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
has anyone ever seen this happen? >system is 8.0-current, drive is not being used and it will just eject while >sitting on a table.

Yes, I did.

It was hardware-related. It was the CD/DVD ribbon connector getting all 
wrinkles and apparently something resetting just out of even the smallest 

You may find this ribbon connector appearance conspicous. It usually gold or 
red colored. Look from under your laptop while drive's out if you can't see it 
from topside.

And this ribbon connector is not exactly cheap too. I'm not sure why.

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