Matthew N. Dodd wrote:
> On Sun, 23 Feb 2003, Maxime Henrion wrote:
> > Matthew N. Dodd wrote:
> > > The 3c590 uses the 'vx' driver which is PIO/MMIO only.
> > >
> > > If it compiles on the sparc64 I suspect it will work fine.
> >
> > There is 0 chance the vr(4) driver will work on sparc64, it uses
> > vtophys() for DMA and it doesn't look like it's endian-clean either.  By
> > the way, the originator of this thread mailed me privately saying his
> > card is actually a 3c905, so he should be able to use the xl(4) driver
> > without problems.
> I said 'vx' not 'vr'.  :)

Oops, that will teach me not to send mail too quickly when you wake up


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