On Dec 4, 2008, at 1:29 AM, Tim Judd wrote:

1: PERC6 is not listed as supported, last time I checked.
2: Dells are notorious for not working very well with !Windows, ! Linux (haven't tried something like Open Solaris)

I have a new PE2950's at the office, FreeBSD sees everything, including the PERC6i controller, but the motherboard NICs are suffering horribly bad for performance. Ping flood from the console to it's own IP address bound to the NIC looses 30% of it's packets. Also, what's "NIC2" on the motherboard/case labeling, is the first NIC FreeBSD finds. NIC1 is the 2nd nic FreeBSD finds. Just oddities.

Thanks, Tim. The R805 RAID is actually an LSI controller, supported by the mpt driver. The 7.1 version has some updates that make it work on this box. We're just down the road from Dell, so it's hard to avoid them :-)

Agreed on the bce NIC. That NIC seems to be complete junk. It gives me fits no matter what OS drives it.

In any case, for the archives, if you have an October 2008 or later production PE R805, you need to use FreeBSD 7.1 for an out of the box installation.

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