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> I'm just curious to see how it looks for my own sanity's sake. At

> work, someone got the grand idea that we should move to Windoze

> embedded (CE and XPe) and it's been quite discouraging I must say,

> though I must admit, it's nice to actually know why Windows is ugly

> underneath. From a programming perspective, it's just not simplistic.

> Anyway, I digress, I'm just curious to see how things compare to

> Windows on similar benchmarks to what Kris provided if its ever been

> done.


The userland win32 API might be rather unpleasant but I was surprised

to learn to driver interface in the kernel is actually quite nice, and

isn't too dissimilar to FreeBSD in some ways. In

terms of performance Windows-based machines have made it into the

Top500 list of supercomputers, so at the high end performance must be

acceptable at least.

Very interesting. To be fair, programming is programming. It's not as if a struct suddenly became an int because we're using windows. You've just got to learn to do it differently. It's just irritating that there's not a fork() in windows, VERY irritating. Other things are quite irritating too, but like I said, it's not as if C++ suddenly became something different because I was working in windows.

To the list, I must say that I wasn't looking to start a "holy war." Before posting I thought that the message was properly worded to find out if it had ever been done and if the results could be easily accessed. I found the result sets from Kris quite interesting comparing FreeBSD X against Linux X, DragonFlyBSD X and so forth. It was just interesting and I was wondering how similar benchmarks would compare. I didn't meant to set anyone off.

Lastly, I think I may have left the impression that perhaps where I work they switched from FreeBSD to Windows. Had this been the case, the transition would have been far more discouraging to me. FreeBSD is my preferred OS. I too prefer the "using" of my brain to more "brain-dead" OSs. This fact is actually one of the irritants with using Windows now at work. I dislike that Visual Studio thinks it knows better than I do and that everything is so abstracted that it's hard to get down the "ground" level of what you're doing. And although IntelliSense is nice, still, give me gvim any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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