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I believe that the fix for this is to add a dependency
to /etc/rc.d/ntpd script, adding "named" to "REQUIRE" section in
comments.  In your opinion, is this a robust fix?  For example the
line in my /etc/rc.d/ntpd script that looks like so:

# REQUIRE: DAEMON ntpdate cleanvar devfs

would be changed to this:

# REQUIRE: DAEMON ntpdate cleanvar devfs named

This shouldn't be needed as ntpd already requires ntpdate and in
turn ntpdate requires named. The issue is probably  timing - that named
isn't ready.

I have a similar issue with PPP not having connected by the time
ntpdate runs , so I just have a script that runs between named and
ntpdate, and blocks waiting for access.
Those timing / start-order issues are getting more and more
annoying, IMHO. On my PPPoE / mpd5 connected systems,
it's the same problem:
* openntpd (from ports) can't start, because named is not ready
* pf can't parse /etc/pf.conf because the ng0 interface is not yet there
etc, etc, etc...

Isn't there a generic way to delay some scripts from starting
until a specific subset is ready (say: networking fully up,
and named ready to reply)? Perhaps some keyword or class
to add to a startup script would be nice to have!


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