Robin Becker schrieb:
> I'm just wondering if it is possible to install FreeBSD from inside a
> bootstrap operating system such as a knoppix or ubuntu preinstall?
> Reason I'm asking is that my boss is asking about getting another
> commodity server using a provider that doesn't offer freebsd. We do get
> KVM over IP however, and I assume that really clever people might know
> how to handle this sort of thing if they have console access.

Only KVM or do you have access to a Remote console (IPMI).

You can try to boot FreeBSD from a Network but than you need access to the
Network from a running server to setup a TFTP and BOOTP Server. Much more
easy would it be just to let the Computer Center guys insert a FreeBSD CD
into the CD Drive. Thats how I install FreeBSD in remote Computer Centers.

It Might work I you generate a Harddiskimage and use your Bootstrap OS to
get it from net and write it to the Harddisk at the server. I never done
this but theoretically it should work.

As I said, the best way to du the install is to have a CD inserted and
after install simply change the bootsequence in BIOS.


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