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I'm experiencing irritation. Would someone have a long talk with whoever is responsible for the ISO images, release names, and/or the FTP servers, depending on where the root if this irritation lies?


I've installed FreeBSD briefly a couple of times on my home desktop box. Recently I've been taking an install on vmware from the 7.1-BETA2 ISO, bootonly - installed via FTP, for a spin to jog my memory a bit in preparation to perform another install. All worked well under vmware. I didn't try zfs as I figured I'd just wait for the real install for that. After getting home from work today I started the install process. This is roughly how it went.

I booted the 7.1-BETA2 ISO and wiped out my Gentoo installation. I sliced/partitioned my hard drives. I then fired up a fixit shell to go through the root on UFS plus everything else on ZFS procedures I had used the last time around. I tried to load zfs.ko and kldload said it didn't exist. ls verified that it did indeed exist, but kldload refused to load it. At this point I had wiped out the Gentoo install on the only functional PC I have in the house. Well, there's a Pentium MMX 200Mhz box in the closet with an ooooooooold Mandrake install on it but it's power supply fan tries to be difficult most of the time.

After grumbling for a few moments I pulled out a 7.0-STABLE-200807 livefs CD I had and tried using it for the fixit shell. It complained about the versions not matching, but started the fixit shell and I was able to load zfs.ko and create my zfs pool and filesystems. I try to start the install, pick a ZFS server and it complains that it can't find release 7.1-BETA2 on the FTP server. I went blank on release naming schemes. I tried several things to no avail. So, I finally decide to start over and install from the 7.0-STABLE-200807 ISO I have handy. I get to the same point and it complains that it can't find release 7.0-STABLE-200807 on the FTP server. Fortunately after a few tries I was able to do a better job of jogging my poor memory and made the installer happy using 7.0-RELEASE as the release name. Would someone please:

A.  Keep the releases available on the FTP servers for a reasonable amount
    of time.


B.  Add functionality to the installer to list the available releases if
    it can't find the release it's looking for.


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