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Christopher Cowart wrote:
A couple more things I noticed after looking more closely at your actual
Christopher Cowart wrote:
nc_fix() { sudo kill -9 $(ps auxwww | grep "[nN]cproxyd" | awk '{print $2}')
                     ^ this is equivalent to:
                   $(ps auxwww | awk '/[nN]cproxyd/ {print $2}')

You might also want to check out pkill(1):

$ sudo pkill -9 '[nN]cproxyd'

And as an alias:

$ alias nc_fix="sudo pkill -9 '[nN]cproxyd'"

okay cool,

arent there two ways to get nc_fix defined in the .bashrc

option 1:  like as a function:
nc_fix() { sudo kill -9 $(ps auxwww | awk '/[nN]cproxyd/ {print $2}') }

option 2: as an alias:
alias nc_fix="sudo pkill -9 '[nN]cproxyd'"



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