Hi all;

Ok i'm working on this netra here.

There are a couple of annoying things about these things and one of em is
that you can only have a single drive on either IDE controller (masters only
no slaves allowed).

So my goal was to have two 20g drives on this machine one of them being
dedicated to /usr/local

Since I can only have one single HDD, hooked up during install everything
gets installed on a single drive.

I'm wondering if it is possible to move /usr/local to the second drive in
some post installation method, 

Once i have the disk prepared with a ufs file system, is it just as simple
as editing /etc/fstab and moving it over.  Or is it slightly more
complicated since /usr/local has important stuff in it.

I'm doing this from a fresh install, so no extra packages are being added



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