Hi Gurus.

I was setting up this box with FreeBSD 4.8 PRERELEASE. I cvsup'd and
recompiled everything, no problems, then I was configuring volumes with
vinum. The goal was to have 3 volumes mirrored 0+1.

Well, I attached the mirrors on all the 3 volumes all at once, and after 5
or 6 minutes (1 volume was already in sync) the box panic'd. I haven't
seen the messages on console though.
I tried again to attach the mirrors to the 2 remaning volumes, 10 minutes
later panic again.

So when the machine came up, I attached 1 mirror at the time :) no problems.

I wonder if there could be an issue with the load. On the
/var/log/messages I found quite a few of the following:

Feb 23 23:00:54 cabomba /kernel: ad2d: UDMA ICRC error writing fsbn
58256191 of 28079488-28079615 (ad2 bn 58256191; cn 3626 tn 71 sn 28)

I read a mail where a guy blamed the 40 ribbon IDE cable when used with
ATA/66 IDE disks, can anyone confirm?


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