Valentin Bud wrote:
Hello list,

 I don't know if the Subject says what i really want to achieve but i do
hope that i will make myself understood.

 I work for a school and i want to install in 2 labs on very low performance
computers (1 Ghz CPU, 126 Mb RAM) some linux distro (zen walk). I *need*
to install linux because there are some programs that need to run on those
stations and guess what, they only work on linux.

 There are different students that use those computers and they change
frequently. So i thought
to make a server, using FreeBSD (of course), that has a database of users so
the linux machines
don't have local users but they query the DB to get login credentials and
such. I don't
really know what to look for. So any suggestion and hints to how can i
achieve this
are welcomed.

thank you and a great day,

What you are looking for is called NIS:

However note it is not (unfortunately) interoperable between FreeBSD and Linux, although there is a setting (UNSECURE=true in /var/yp/Makefile of the NIS server) that works around this, albeit it lowers security.

There are other solutions too (LDAP?) but NIS would be the easiest to setup.
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