I have many times set up the authorized_keys so that remote
ssh/scp/rsync clients can connect between machines without a password.
However, in attempting to do this again using a 5.0-RELEASE machine
trying to connect to a 4.7 machine, I'm getting nothing but:

Host key verification failed.
This was all working last week, then I reinstalled my 4.X machine to
this 5.0 and went through the routine to recreate an and
copy it to the remote machine. Now it just won't work.

I noticed that ssh-keygen worked slightly differently in 5.0 ..Did
something change with it's default behavior that I need to take into
account in order to talk to a 4.7 machine?

A complete walkthough of the steps I'm attempting can be found at:

John Straiton
Clickcom, Inc

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