On Friday 12 December 2008 05:11:26 Manolis Kiagias wrote:
> fixer wrote:
> > I just discovered flash drives.  They are very easy to use on Windows.
> > I don't know if FreeBSD supports these drives.  But if FreeBSD does,
> > I need instructions on "how-to-use".  Thanks in advance for anyone who
> > can help.
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/usb-disks.html
> Generally speaking, using an ms-dos (fat/fat32) formatted flash drive is
> as simple as this:
> - plug
> - get device name (probably da0) with dmesg |tail
> - mount as root in /mnt:  mount -t msdofs /dev/da0s1 /mnt

the one thing that ought to be added to the mount statement:
use your username -- that way, if you're using something like konqueror, you 
don't have rights issues. I know some use perms and open it up for group or 
world write -- but username helps you keep up good habits, and good habits 
will keep you out of trouble.

It's in the man page -- but here's a reminder:
mount_msdosfs -u <username> /dev/da1s1 /mnt/usb

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