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>NVidia MUST INCLUDE full documentation of their hardware.
>this is normal - hardware manufacturer produces hardware, programmers
>do make support for it.
>what is common today isn't normal.

I honestly have no idea what you are trying to communicate here.

NVidia produces both the hardware and drivers for same. It requested
additions/changes to the basic FBSD system to enable their product to be
fully functional. Changes that it seems other manufacturers would also

Now, if FBSD has no intention of working with other hardware and/or
software manufacturers/authors, maybe it should just post a big "KEEP
OUT" sign on its web page.

I seriously doubt that NVidia, or any other manufacturer is about to
divulge trade secrets or patented information. What point would there
be in that anyway? It is certainly not necessary. What developer in
his/her right mind would be interested in making their product usable
on a FBSD system if they knew that they would have to divulge all of
their trade secrets, etc.

Market share increases by making your product more accessible and usable
by a larger group of users. If FBSD wants to remain a 'niche' product
with limited support for third party products, then the question of why
FBSD is not more popular with hardware vendors has been answered.


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