Gabe wrote:
Its a conspiracy. Is it safe to say that it is in fact gmail related?

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Anyone have any clue what I would be getting two of every message
posted to the group?

It started yesterday and nothing has changed on my end (that I am
aware of)

I'm using outlook 2008, picking up from gmail.


Consider yourself lucky. I have been reading horror stories on the
GMail forum regarding users losing email. In any event, if it just
started and you did not change MUAs, it is almost guaranteed to be a
Google (GMail) problem. By the way, are you using IMAP or POP?

Hmm, this disappearing e-mails issue: I experienced it today. 2 test mails
from my gmail account, to a mailing list where I am member, I see the mails
sent to a gmail server from the logs of my mailing list server, but the
mails failed to show up on my gmail account, Completely!!

I canceled my gmail account because its so un-reliable. Goggle should not enter the field of online email. They have a good search engine but their email system is the worse i have ever seen.
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