that's why it would be good to finally introduce moderation on that list -
to cut off 95% of traffic that is not about FreeBSD.

Moderation, like all bureaucracy and oversight, a chainsaw -- not a
scalpel.  One should always be wary of its use where even the slightest
error might result in significant loss of value.

you may be right. moderation (censorship) on country or so level is just bad (TM).

but FreeBSD is just a project, and it has owners (developer core team) - so it's different.

and what i ask is not to just dump out people asking about "what's program like photoshop for FreeBSD", but creating list group for that (freebsd-softw...@... or freebsd-progr...@...) and redirecting them there!

and leave freebsd-questions for QUESTIONS ABOUT FREEBSD
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