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> Hi List,

> i've using a Notebook with touchpad which works perfeclty fine.
> However, i'd like also to use in paralell an external via usb connect
> mouse. If i configure this hard into X.org config
> it will work but i stumble here on problems. First of all, i have to
> shutdown the X.org Server to do so, and restart it. Secondly i was not
> able to tell X.org to use both device, which
> would be the touchpad and the external mouse.
> Possibly there is a daemon i can run in backround which maybe handles
> that? Anyone has a solution for that kind of problem or something to
> hit me in the right direction?

moused(8) is able to mix several mice.

You can use devd to call moused when an usb mouse is inserted, with a
rule in /etc/devd.conf like :

attach 200 {
        device-name "ums0";
        action "/usr/sbin/moused -a 5 -p /dev/ums0
-I /var/run/moused.ums0.pid ; /usr/sbin/vidcontrol -m on"; };

In Xorg.conf, use /dev/sysmouse for the mouse device.

That's all.

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