Of course, as has been pointed out else-thread, LDAP is the way of the future. It's much more scalable and interoperable between different OSes

and much more overcomplex, mostly unneeded complexity IMHO. Please think twice before telling about "the way of the future". It's just one way, and i wish in "the future" i will still have a choice between many different tools and solutions, and be able to choose THE SIMPLEST for the problem, as i always do.

As i didn't use NIS for a some time and never in FreeBSD i can't tell more about this, but at first look problem of database format is trivial, as master.passwd could be converted to 2-file format with few lines of shell script, and i could be done periodically to make them up to date.

Sorry if i missed something because i was some time ago.

I just don't like overcomplex tools for simple tasks.
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