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> Yeah that's all well and good for me compiling my own programs, but
> the OpenPTC`configure' checks for Hermes by writing the test program
> that I posted and linking with the above line :-)  It doesn't put
> -L/usr/local/lib in.  I suppose I can just hack the `configure' script
> but surely there's a better solution?

The configure scripts usually accept a parameter like
`--with-extra-libs=/usr/local/lib' that you could use. You can always
invoke configure with the --help option and check for it. Works most of
the time.

> Ahh, darn, that's not what the ld man page says :)  But it didn't work
> when I put the paths in ld.so.conf so I guess it's wrong..

Most of the GNU tools are better documented in the info pages, as they
consider man pages legacy. info ld might turn up more detailed info.

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