On Sun 14 Dec 2008 at 11:17:27 PST Nikola Le??i?? wrote:
There are some of us here who are interested in all things related to
Unicode and complex scripts questions; we are interested to have such
things working on FreeBSD. The OP's question was very interesting to me
_as a FreeBSD user_. You are of course not obliged to reply at all.

The fact that people often get better replies about "application X
running on FreeBSD" on FreeBSD list than on a native list/forum reveals
something good about FreeBSD community IMHO.

By posting here, the OP is more likely to get an answer from other users
who are using app X on FreeBSD.
Asking in the App X forum is likely to get an unhelpful answer from
*their* local curmudgeons: "No one here uses FreeBSD, and it's not a
priority for the App X developers. Go away."

My point being, getting App X working on FreeBSD is often a higher
priority for us than it is for them, and someone here might have already
gone to the trouble of figuring it out.  I see nothing wrong in asking
whether that's the case.

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