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> >On Thu, 17 Jul 2008 05:31:15 +0800, Morton Harrow said:
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> >>I see with pain in my heart that the GPLv3 doesn't actually give the
> >>users of GPLv3 software the liberty and freedom the FSF has been
> >>fighting for. Instead they are forced to play by the strict set of
> >>terms the GPLv3 provides.
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> >You missed an important philosophical point.  In Richard Stallman's world 
> >view,
> >it isn't the user's freedoms that matter, it's the *software*s freedom.
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> I don't think it is that bad - the intent is for the software to be 
> freely available for *people* to use. It is actually about our freedom.

If so, it's a failure.

I think I still have a stack of Ubuntu CDs that I cannot legally
distribute because I don't have the source, and I don't know exactly
where to find it, either.

My "freedom" to use Kororaa Linux with all its multimedia support was
severely curtailed by GNU/FSF legal threats -- and, while I don't
actually care to use Kororaa personally, that doesn't change the fact
that my freedom to make that decision for myself has been somewhat

The problem is that Stallman and friends have very strange notions about
what constitutes "freedom" -- strange, but all too common.

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