This  is my last post about the collection of comparative philosophy, 
        literature, religion, an anthropology.  The|One reason the disc was in 
        format is its jpegs or gigs embedded.  And possibly because it was in 

        But say that I yanked the photos and used just plain text: 8-bit chars
        perhaps, and created my own CDROM version.  --I *wouldn't* waste my time
        duplicating this collection, but say that I did.  Could this be done in
        plain HTML and not require an ISO disc?

        Oh, a first ack that the gnome file browser is worthwhile.  It popped up
        when I inserted the DVD.  A right-click let me open directories, then 
        a broswer works perfectly whell to surf around.


        PS: write me off-list if you're curious in some old-old research.

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