I have a RAID-5 array on /home via vinum.  This morning, the
server (running 4.8-PRERELEASE, compiled last week) wouldn't allow anyone
to login via ssh, imap, or console.  So I had someone reboot the server
via control-alt-delete.  Then it said that not all processes would dia,
use ps axl.  Of course, since we couldn't login, this was pointless
advise.  :)  We then used the reset button on the chassis.

        As I type, the server is in single user mode.  The fsck commands
result in:

        I've looked at
http://docs.freebsd.org/44doc/smm/03.fsck/paper.html and found its
information less than encouraging.  Since its said to "seek a guru", I
was hoping that someone here could help my poor little school district.

        If this wasn't on vinum, I would assume that my next step would be
to assume a dead drive and remove it and move on.  However, this is a
vinum array.  I'm not sure how it could be a bad drive if the array is
composed of 4 drives.

        Any help, pointers, etc. would be GREATLY appreciated.  My entire
school district is effectively dead in the water until this server is
running again.


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