Thank you. Your system will be shut down now."

Ah... autorun.inf and exit_windows_ex() are such modern tools

autorun.inf is a few windows thing that is simple and even works.

just remember to strip this first 512 bytes from iso file, as 512 bytes will be takes by tar header before iso file.

ISO-9660 has such nice things as first 16 sectors are ignored, so it doesn't matter if it's zeros or tar header.

personally - i use it not to annoy winusers, but to make DVDs with "hidden contents".

like - first part visible to everyone, everything else - to the ones who know things.

other way to do this is to use bsdlabels, windows will ignore this, while in FreeBSD you can have /dev/cd0a with ISO data, and /dev/cd0b with "hidden" data.

this hidden data can be ISO format too, or tar, or UFS, and it can be encrypted with geli.

if you do this - please DO USE ggatel to simulate 2kB sectored device before doing bsdlabel!!!
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