it's simple:

More simple when you tell it ;-) Thanks a lot, i will try it tonight !

it doesn't have chance - must work :)

I wish it's helpful, doing this doesn't just save space but saves time - you have to upgrade software once.

So preserving consistency, which is the most important when you have lot of diskless stations !

exactly. i'm using just NetBSD 1.5 (uses LITTLE memory) + Xserver, so there are almost no updates, but anyway - it's stored once.

you may like to make /etc-common directory and put most of files there, and symlinks in each station's /etc

In fact, it makes me think that we miss a concept in mount, or at least i don't know it currently : imagine a -tl (TransparentLayer) option for mount, allowing to mount multiple source to the same directory, for instance /etc :

there is already such think - mount_unionfs

but i don't use it.

if you mount over some directory - it's original contents (like my /etc/rc doing exec /systemrc) gets hidden.

mount -r yournfsserver:/basic/etc /etc
mount -tl -r yournfsserver:/TypeX/etc /etc
mount -tl -r yournfsserver:/StationY/etc /etc


but i don't know how stable it is.

When you want to change something, you add a rw TransparentLayer :
mount -tl yournfsserver:/StationYchanges/etc /etc

So that changed or added files are only stored in this rw partition, thus very small and easy to manage.

This would be a kind of partition inheritance, like in object languages... Dreams are allowed :-)

try mount_unionfs
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