Wojciech Puchar wrote:
2- As / will be mounted read-only, how can i tell the ramdom generator to put this /entropy file somewhere in /var, where i think it should be ? Or is there any tricky hidden problem ?

man rc.conf  seek entropy_file and entropy_dir

Thanks, detail is available in /etc/default/rc.conf :

"entropy_file="/entropy" # Set to NO to disable caching entropy through reboots. # /var/db/entropy-file is preferred if / is not avail."

It means that i can put it in /var when L is read-only. There should be no problem as the file is choosen in rc.conf, so after /var is mounted.

As this is for diskless station, it would be fun to change the entropy file through the nfs server RANDOM, even better thant at each boot :-)

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