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On Tuesday, December 16, 2008, at 02:42PM, "Gary Kline" <> wrote:

i was recently informed that the firm that bought is going to
begin charging $100/mo.  i nearly choked on that, but whatever...  i'm
looking for an *.org who does DNS secondaries free oe nearly so.  i know
there is at least one place, but it's been years.

Not free, but nearly so:

$17.50/year = $1.46/month...

Other options include:

$0.80/month/zone for a small number of zones.


They will host DNS (primary and/or secondary) for 5 zones, free of charge (subject to bandwidth).

Matt Emmerton

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Aloha Gary,

We use Zone Edit for many years. Good and responsive to any issues.


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