Gary Kline wrote:

>       again, a Zone is?

An administrative chunk of DNS data which has one set of nameservers
and, in Bind, a single data file.  (Sweeping details, other brands of
name servers, and edge cases under the carpet, swoosh, swoosh.)

In other words, if you had

as 3 domains you'd face a choice:  did you want to have all the records
for and its two sub-domains intermingled and maintained on
the same set of domain servers as a single administrative unit, i.e.,
zone, or did you want to have more that one zone, in which case you'd
have NS records in the data for which pointed at the
nameservers at which one could find the data for and/or

Or, to look at it another way, you need at least one zone per 2nd level
domain and can have no more than one zone per domain at any level.

--Jon Radel

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