> The last time i did this it took a lot of time to get the VM set 
> up--installing all the right ports, getting the database configuration right, 
> etc.
> Are there any shortcuts for this, e.g. a way i can automatically install the 
> same ports on the new "machine"? I didnt see anything in the handbook or FAQ 
> about this, but id think that people need to do this all the time. Any other 
> advice for mirroring the system?

Opinions definitely vary on what the best method is.

What I do nowadays is to:

  * First of all, never ever interactively configure any ports.
  * Maintain any necessary global options in /etc/make.conf
  * Maintain port specific options in /usr/local/etc/ports.conf,
    and have it applied by ports-mgmt/portconf.
  * Keep a list of packages that I want installed (NOT including

I then build packages based on this information in a clean
environment; typically a dedicated jail. Because all configuration is
declarative, and nothing is a function of interactive dialogs, I know
I can reproduce the package set + config at any time.

The upgrade on the target machine is a matter of pkg_delete -a to
remove all packages, and then re-installing all the built

I have some tools to help me do this that are semi-public, but not
really in a nice state at this time. Let me know off-list if you would
be interested.

/ Peter Schuller

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