On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, Albert Shih wrote:


I'm trying to install a nagios server in a jail.

I've a problem with check_ping.

[r...@]# /usr/local/libexec/nagios/check_ping -H some_host -w 3000.0,80% -c 
5000.0,100% -p 5
CRITICAL - You need more args!!!
Could not open pipe:

So I think it's become the Ā«ping problemĀ». So I put

        sysctl -w security.jail.allow_raw_sockets=1

in the host-jail-server.

In the jail I can make a ping but the nagios check_ping don't work.

Anyone have succefully install a nagios server in a jail ?

so do you know what check_ping is trying to do? Does it give you an
error message? Anything?


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