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On 12/19/08 10:37 AM, "FreeBSD" <> wrote:

Because this server is monitored by Nagios and it emails me every hour a
warning because the swap is not 100% free (I know it's pretty extreme,
but I want to know if the system is swapping).

if a swap space is available and swapping not turned off, it seems
reasonable to expect the OS to use it as it sees fit.

rather than trying to tinker with the kernel's swapping policy on the fly
every time you get a warning, perhaps think about either telling nagios not
to worry about it or don't use swapping. i'd go with the former. but you say
you want to ensure that swap doesn't get used -- so maybe get rid of the
swap slice?
This server is very lightly used, so most of the time if the swap is getting used it shows that something is going wrong. This warning already proved usefull once, so I don't think I'm going to change it. I don't want to mess with the kernel actions, but there was no reason to keep this in swap. I understand that the kernel can't know that, that's why I wanted to know the way to "reset" the swap. There is always a lot of free or inactive RAM and, in normal condition, the swap should not be used. It's been like that for months, so I think it's a good idea to be notified if the swap is used.

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